How it works

Unlock new opportunities and customers as a partner merchant

Gain exposure to thousands of users by becoming one of our partner merchants


The customer purchases a product from you


We pay you for the product purchased


You deliver the product to the customer

Free of Charge

No setup or annual fees; maximize your store's potential

Grow your customer base

A vast customer sector can finally shop online in installments which will gain access to your products when you partner with TendoPay

All Merchants Accepted

We are open to any merchant, big or small; we are here to help your business grow

Increase basket size and revenue per customer

Allow your customers to spend more per transaction and boosts the retention rate, which translates to an increased CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)

Improve your chances to sell

Makes your customer payment experience more convenient and boosts your conversion

We take the risk while you get paid

TendoPay settles with you upfront so you will not be liable for any losses incurred

Let's get started

Getting started as a merchant is super easy, get in touch below and one of our specialists will contact you soon.

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