Automated Savings

Earn interest on your money

Achieve financial goals by gaining access to the best savings tools provided by our partner banks with up to 6% interest per year

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Premium Insurance

An insurance package for all your needs

Choose from a wide variety of insurance products that can be availed for the employees or their relatives.

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Financial Management

Financial Planning tools at your fingertips

Gain a financial planning tool to help employees stay on top of their budgets and maintain good financial health

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Financial Assistance

0% Installments

Purchase at any of our hundreds of partner merchants in installments with interest as low as 0%.

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Bills Payments

Pay all your bills with ease

Employees can track and pay their recurring bills quickly, easily, and with some discounts within our app

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Virtual Cards

Virtual Mastercard

Create and maintain a sense of responsibility with our premium cards that can be used anywhere online

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