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Offer the ability to buy anything on installments, food, pharmacy good, HMOs, appliances, furniture, and much more.

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No work is required by your HR team for approvals

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You can decide the credit limit of your employees

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Split the cost of your purchase in small payments up to 24 months

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Minimal work

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With financial empowerment

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Benefits for employees

TendoPay provides financial support for your employees by letting them pay in installments that would not create a huge dent in their budget.

Working directly with employers allows us to give better rates than your employees going elsewhere.

As low as
Interest rate
24 Months
Max Loan Term
100K PHP
Max Loan Amount
3 Hours
Approval Time


What are Salary Loans

A salary loan is a type of loan where you can borrow money based on the net amount of your salary. Unlike standard loan, our salary loans are approved and disbursed faster with minimal paperwork.

Who can Apply for a Loan?

If you're already a partner of TendoPay, all you need to do is fill out the application and provide your valid Government ID And company IDs.

Can I apply for TendoPay Salary Loan even if I have an existing loan?

YES! You can apply for a TendoPay loan even if you have other existing loans.

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